SEO Training

seo training in chennai

Seo Training in Chennai

No earlier SEO experience required here, we introduce you that in terms of using some technical process like backlinks and pagerank will be part of SEO and the major term keywords will set you to climb the top position in Google.


What you learn / work in the training

  • Module 1: Starter to Google & Other Search Engine How to get top position in Google & other search engines
    What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
    What is Organic Search Engine Optimization?
    What is Google+?
  • Module 2: Website Building and Keyword Choice Importance of Keywords
    How to select your keywords
    How to find role keywords
  • Module 3: Website Content and Page Optimization How to optimize keywords
    How to structure page content
    How to optimize Meta tags
    How to optimize page title tags
  • Module 3: Website Content and Page Optimization How to optimize keywords
    How to structure page content
    How to optimize Meta tags
    How to optimize page title tags
    How to optimize Meta description tags
    How to optimize Meta keywords
    How to avoid punishment
  • Module 4: Linking Approaches Why are links chief?
    What is Google PageRank?
    What are internal links?
    What are the finest foundations of links?
    link to blogs and social media sites?
  • Module 5: Technical Attentions CSS vs table built design
    How to pick the top domain name
    How to select the finest hosting provider
    How to authenticate your website pages
  • Module 6: Overview to CMS Overview to WordPress.
    WordPress live demo.
  • Module 7: Competitor Analysis How to beat your competitor
    How to catch your opposition
    How to find why they have worthy search engine ranks
    How to check the number of cached pages
    How to analyze their site building
    How to find the keywords they practice
    How to catch who links to them
  • Module 8: Google Tools Google Webmaster Account
    How to confirm your website
    How to structure and register a Google sitemap
    How to crop and install a robots.txt file
    How to analyze their site building
    How to use a 301 redirect?
  • Module 9: Checking Traffic How to format Google Analytics
    Google Analytics live demo.
  • Module 10: Conversions Management What is website usability?
    How to design the Perfect website
    SEO Workshop
    Discussions about your own website

Why You Choose Webset

  • 1
  • What is SEO and its importance? It’s a technique to find your website rank in Google or other search engines and possibly to compare your website with other sites which helps you easily to take your product or services in the first position in Google. Accordingly, your product or services will be reached to the target customers.
  • 2
  • SEO training in chennai with LIVE PROJECT? Our goal is not just to offer the training but also we want our candidates to work with us in some projects. We show our on-going projects to the students and let them to choose by their own and work in it. This surely helps them to understand the technical moves clearly with no fuzz. The main advantage of working in to LIVE PROJECT under SEO  training is that the candidate can mention the project name and description on his profile.
  • 3
  • Promote your brand during your course duration? As we have been mentioned above the live project you work with us can be your own brand/ product or services. We guide you from the beginning till the end of SEO technical processes; it will be easy to stay your website strong.
  • 4
  • India’s first INTERNSHIP based TRAINING. We are glad to offer the INTERNSHIP based Online Marketing Training to the students and job seekers. Here, students will get trained by our professionals, meanwhile we provide Internship completion letter to them. Also, we will assist students for Digital Marketing Jobs in Chennai with suitable profile.